Project : St Austell Brewery

We were privileged to be contracted to upgrade the malt handling and milling system at the well renowned St. Austell Brewery in Cornwall. Our client chose us over our competitors not only due to the high quality and performance of our mill but also due to its compact size. An unusual aspect of the project was the limited access. The equipment had to be brought in through a small window three floors up in the brew house. We were the only mill manufacturer with this capability, demonstrating our flexibility and commitment to providing solutions, whatever the difficulties.  

The AR 3000/600/4 is a precision four roll mill with a milling capacity of 3 tonnes per hour. Our purpose built conveyors were also integrated into the system transporting malt rapidly to the mill and discharging grist quickly yet gently to the grist case. The system and equipment was designed in strict compliance with ATEX directives. We incorporated a magnet plate into the control chute to remove unwanted ferrous particles and the whole system is aspirated. Alan Ruddock Engineering was delighted to provide the design, manufacture and installation of the above equipment and bring milling and malt handling firmly into the 21st century at St. Austell Brewery.

St. Austell Brewery, Cornwall, UK -



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