Project : Palmers Brewery

Palmers have been brewing since 1794 so it was a privilege to be contracted to design, manufacture and install a malt handling and milling system in their historic brew house.  The time had come for them to replace their old four roll Boby mill and bring things into the 21st century whilst still maintaining their strong traditions. Working in such an environment presents many challenges, combining the old with the new, in a respectful yet practical manner.

A bespoke system of conveyors and elevators was designed to fit amongst the beams of the historic building. Working to tight tolerances, with limited space available, again demonstrates our flexibility and adaptability to providing clients with malt handling solutions. Whether your brewery was built two days ago or two hundred years ago we have the experience to get the job done.

The mill installed for this project was the AR 2000/450/2 - two roll precision mill with a milling capacity of two tonnes per hour. Due to the nature of the site it has been difficult to obtain photographs, but also involved in the system is a 4.5 metre conveyor to discharge the malt hopper, a 2.5 metre vertical elevator feeding the mill, a vertical elevator discharging the mill and a 5 metre conveyor feeding the grist case. Following the installation Darren Batten, Head Brewer commented, “The AR 2000 is modern, serviceable, efficient and a joy to work with’’.

Palmers Brewery, Dorset, UK -




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