Project : Meantime Brewery

We are proud to have been contracted by Meantime Brewing Company to replace their existing agricultural mill with an AR 2000 Precision Malt Mill. With the aim of maximising efficiency at the brewery, Meantime decided that the AR 2000/450/4 would improve extract figures, improve energy efficiency, and increase process control. 

The AR 2000/450/4 is a four roll precision malt mill with a milling capacity of 2 tonnes per hour. The four analogue dials enable roll gap setting accurate to 0.05mm. This ensures the brewers can obtain the exact grist spectrum they require to maximise extract figures and brewhouse efficiency.

This project had to work within the constraints of the existing equipment, and since we design and manufacture everything in-house, it was not a problem to design a bespoke integrated discharge conveyor arrangement and a bespoke frame to straddle the drain.

Following the installation we are delighted to have been informed by Meantime, that extracts have increased by an impressive 8%. This will give Meantime Brewery a very short payback period on the investment.

Meantime Brewing Company, London, UK -


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