Project : Lancaster Brewery

Lancaster Brewery contracted Alan Ruddock Engineering to design, manufacture and install a malt handling and milling system at their new brewery.

This system has two methods to feed the malt hopper prior to milling. Bulk deliveries fill the two silos outside and speciality malts can be fed into the system via the tipping hopper and AR elevator. This allows bulk cost savings to be made but without detriment to the brewer’s recipes.

When the malt hopper is filled with the required blend the malt is then fed through the AR 2000 precision mill.  The AR 2000/375/2 - two roll mill with a milling capacity of 1.5 tonnes per hour was the ideal choice given the desired throughput of the system. The mill discharges into a bespoke designed AR elevator fitted with a bi-directional valve and chute at the top. One chute feeds the grist case while the other feeds the two way bagging device. This allows the brewery to sell pre-crushed malt in bags from it’s shop.

As all brewers know, an accurate quantity of grist is essential when brewing and there is no better way than the load cells and digital weight indicator that we fitted in conjunction with the grist case. Once the desired quantity has been milled, an AR conveyor and elevator system discharges the grist case and transports the grist gently yet rapidly to the mash tun.

Lancaster Brewery, Lancashire, UK -

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