Project : Isle of Skye Brewery

Isle of Skye Brewery contracted Alan Ruddock Engineering to design, manufacture and install a malt intake and milling system.

We can cater for breweries of all sizes and here we installed the AR 2000/175/2. This is the smallest precision mill in our range and has a milling capacity of 500 kg/hr. This mill is very popular with smaller scale breweries and we have installed many across the UK.

Malt is entered into the system via the tipping hopper which feeds an AR elevator. This elevator feeds into the control chute above the mill, which in turn feeds the mill. An AR chain and flight conveyor then discharges the mill and carries grist gently to the grist case.

This is a very effective system that enables the brewery to make large savings on grinding charges and also gain maximum extract from the malt. As you can see, it is a compact system that will fit in even very confined spaces. We always bespoke design the layout so if you want to benefit from precision milling then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Isle of Skye Brewery, Scotland, UK -


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