Project : Great Newsome Brewery

Great Newsome Brewery, is run by the Hodgson family at Great Newsome Farm on the East Yorkshire Coast. Four generations of the family have grown crops at the farm, so it made perfect sense for the brewery to start using their own barley for their world class ales. Once Muntons had confirmed that the barley was suitable for malting, the next step was to find a company that could provide a proper malt mill. Contact was soon made with Alan Ruddock Engineering Ltd, and we were delighted to discuss the various options available in our large range of AR 2000 Precision Malt Mills.

It was decided that the AR 2000/175/2 - Two Roll Precision Mill with a milling capacity of 500 kg/hr would be perfectly suited to the task. Included in this project was the manufacture of a large bespoke frame to enable the mill to discharge directly into 500kg bulk sacks. We also manufactured a control chute that will regulate the flow rate into the mill and spread the grain evenly across the rolls.

The mill’s specialised drive system is so efficient that for a mill of this size, a small 0.75kW motor is all that is required. This exciting development will help see the brewery meet its aim of using its own ingredients and is likely to greatly reduce the businesses carbon footprint with the mill being powered by the farms 50kW Solar PV installation.

“Being able to tell customers that we are brewing the beer they are drinking using barley grown in fields that can be seen from the Brewhouse is very exciting for us”, said Matthew Hodgson from Great Newsome Brewery. “It provides us with the provenance that we have been striving for.”

Great Newsome Brewery, Yorkshire, UK -





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