Project : Gadds’ - The Ramsgate Brewery

Alan Ruddock Engineering were delighted to be contracted to provide a malt handling and milling system at the Gadds’, Ramsgate Brewery. Following an initial site visit and meeting, where various ideas were discussed, we provided a set of preliminary CAD drawings for the brewery’s comments and approval. A few modifications were requested to the design which we duly undertook. All of our systems are bespoke and hand built to order, enabling complete flexibility in design and operation. When the brewery was completely happy with the proposed layout, a set of finalised drawings were produced and the system was put into production.

This system works over two floors - the intake hopper is situated on the first floor and has been designed to accept bulk 1 tonne sacks. The AR 2000/300/2 Precision Malt Mill is situated below in a specific dry mill room. Following precise milling to enable maximum extract, the grist is then gently transported by an AR elevator up to the grist case. We extended the existing grist case so that it will hold the desired 750kg maximum charge. This system will enable The Ramsgate Brewery to enjoy significant savings by purchasing malt in bulk, significantly improved extract figures, a consistent high quality grist sample, and complete process control. 

Following the installation Eddie Gadd commented, “Really pleased with the install, really pleased! Get a mill and get an Alan Ruddock one – it’s a no-brainer: top quality work from a top quality company.”

Gadds’ - The Ramsgate Brewery, Kent, UK -







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