Project : Flack Manor Brewery

Flack Manor Brewery in Hampshire, founded by Nigel Welsh, is famous for using one of our nation’s now rarely used traditional methods for producing real ale - double drop brewing. With emphasis on producing ‘quality’ cask beer, Nigel contracted Alan Ruddock Engineering to design, manufacture and install a malt handling system that would be suitable for delivering the high quality grist required.

This system utilises the AR 2000/300/2, which is a precision two roll mill with a milling capacity of one tonne per hour. Bagged malt is fed into the tipping hopper and transported to the mill via an AR elevator. Following precise milling to allow for maximum extract to be achieved, the grist is then gently transported by a second AR elevator to the grist case. The grist case manufactured by us in galvanised steel plate has a capacity of one tonne. When the brewer is ready to mash in, the AR elevator and conveyor system transports grist gently, yet rapidly to the mash tun, ensuring an optimum mashing in time.

This is a fantastic system, that provides Flack Manor with the following valuable benefits:

  • Significantly increased extracts.
  • Additional savings on grinding charges.
  • Bargaining power with maltsters.
  • Consistent, high quality grist sample.
  • Complete process control.
  • Healthy, clean, dust-free atmosphere.

Flack Manor Brewer, Hampshire, UK -



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