Project : Edradour Distillery

Until recently Edradour took the title of being the smallest whisky distillery in Scotland, and possibly the smallest legal distillery of any kind in the world. Nevertheless, the need for precise, high quality malt crushing is as important as anywhere. That is why the distillery chose to go with Alan Ruddock Engineering for a malt handling and milling system.

The system we designed, manufactured, and installed allows for malt to be purchased by the distillery in 25 kg or 50 kg sacks. The desired quantity is then manually fed into the tipping hopper which has a capacity of 100 kg. This feeds an AR elevator, purpose designed for the brewing and distilling industry. A chute from the elevator then feeds into the control chute situated above the mill. This piece of equipment ensures that malt is spread evenly across the rolls.

It is generally accepted that distilleries like to use four roll mills because of the optimum grist sample that is achieved. The mill we installed was the AR 2000/300/4. This is a four roll precision mill with milling capacity of 1 tonne per hour. As can be seen in the photograph, this mill has four positive drive analogue dials. These allow the roll gap to be set to within 0.05 mm in a matter of seconds. A feature which distillers, brewers and maltsters around the country have long requested.

Edradour Distillery, Perthshire, Scotland, UK -


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