Project : Dark Star Brewing Company

Alan Ruddock Engineering Ltd was given the contract to design, manufacture and install a malt handling and milling system for the much acclaimed Dark Star Brewing Company. This project was perfectly suited to our semi-automated intake system, whereby malt is manually fed into a tipping hopper; great for breweries who purchase their malt in 25 kg or 50 kg sacks. This is the starting point of the malt’s journey through the system - the building blocks from which the most successful breweries are born.

Utilising our range of AR elevators the malt is then transported to the AR 2000 precision mill. Before entering the mill the malt passes through the control chute, which controls the even spread of grain across the rolls. In this system we have used the AR 2000/375/2 - two roll precision mill with a milling capacity of 1.5 tonnes per hour.

Once the malt has passed through the mill and has been precisely crushed to allow for maximum extracts to be achieved, it is then transported to the grist case. Grist is an incredibly delicate product so it is imperative that it is transported gently. It was for this very reason that we developed our range of elevators that have been specifically designed for the brewing and distilling industry. If you imagine carefully cupping a quantity of grist in your hands and then taking the utmost care to deliver it to the mash tun - that is what we wish to achieve. The 2 tonne capacity grist case was designed and manufactured by us in galvanised steel plate, and included a sealed dust lid and manual cut off slide.

When the brewers are ready to mash in, the grist case is discharged into another AR elevator and conveyed to the mashing in device. These elevators and conveyors were developed to cope with the increased speed required to mash in, yet still carry the grist gently. Content in the knowledge that the grist has arrived to the mash tun in optimum condition it is now up to the brewers to work their magic and add their own touch to create the perfect beer.

Following the installation, Mark Tranter, Head Brewer commented. "Seven months down the line our mill from Alan Ruddock Engineering remains trouble free, crushing malt to exacting standards efficiently every day of the week. The mill is unbelievably simple to use and easy to adjust. The elevators we had made carry our malt gently, yet rapidly to the steels masher ensuring a fast mash in time. On site, Alan and Gill (and everyone else from their team) worked as efficiently and politely as their mill. I’m sure those maroon overalls have the ability to give you superhuman powers.

Whilst I was doing the installation of our new brewery, the only thing to work exactly right from day one were the mill, elevators and conveyors from Alan Ruddock Engineering. Thanks guys!!!"

Dark Star Brewing Company, West Sussex, UK -



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