Project : Cropton Brewery

The forward thinking Cropton Brewery, contracted Alan Ruddock Engineering to design, manufacture and install a malt milling system. With plans to relocate to a larger site this system was a temporary solution so that the brewery lost no time in reaping the benefits of precision milling.

The brewery purchases malt in 25kg or 50kg sacks which are fed into the tipping hopper. The malt is then transported to the mill via an AR elevator. The malt then passes through the AR 2000/450/2, which is a two roll precision mill with a milling capacity of two tonnes per hour. This feeds an AR conveyor which transports grist gently to a two way sacking device. The precisely crushed malt can then be manually transported to the mash tun.

This is a great compact system that enables the brewery to make big savings on the costs of buying pre-crushed malt from maltsters, and enables the maximum extract from the malt to be achieved.

Cropton Brewery, North Yorkshire, UK -




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