Project : Copper Dragon Brewery

Alan Ruddock Engineering was contracted to be involved in malt handling and milling in the prestigious brewery expansion project at Copper Dragon Brewery, Skipton. Steve Taylor, Managing Director at Copper Dragon, has also had a career with Rolls Royce, so when it came to investing in his brewery, things had to be done properly. Quality and performance of the equipment was of paramount importance.

Malt is discharged from four, nine tonne silos into an AR elevator. An additions hopper has been incorporated into this elevator so that adjuncts can be fed into the system. The elevator feeds a malt hopper, manufactured by us in galvanised steel plate. This has been put on load cells to ensure that an accurate quantity is achieved. The AR 2000/450/4 - four roll precision mill with a milling capacity of two tonnes per hour was the mill of choice for this installation due to the quality of grist sample that it produces and because of the throughput of the system.

Following the installation, Gordon Wilkinson, Head Brewer commented, “The quality of the equipment is second to none: Not only does it look good from the outside, but the inside, even to a non-engineer is excellently manufactured.” 

If high quality, high performance malt handling equipment is what you are after then look no further than Alan Ruddock Engineering Ltd.

Copper Dragon Brewery, Yorkshire, UK -



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