Project : Brant Hill Farm

Brant Hill Farm is famous for supplying top quality malt to breweries around the country. However, while brewers acknowledged the malt was very good, they were not getting the extracts they hoped to achieve. After investigation it became apparent the milling equipment they were using was less than satisfactory. It cannot be emphasised enough that a top quality mill, purpose designed for the brewing industry is essential if brewers are to obtain first-rate extracts.

This was obviously a problem that had to be rectified, so Mr Maufe of Brant Hill Farm researched the market for specialists in malt milling. All enquiries led to Alan Ruddock Engineering and we were more than happy to provide a solution - from the initial design stage, through to manufacture and final installation and commissioning.

We implemented our semi-automated intake system in conjunction with an AR 2000/300/2. This is a two roll precision mill with a milling capacity of one tonne per hour. Malt is fed into the tipping hopper which holds 100 kg. This is then transported to the mill via an AR elevator. The malt is then precisely crushed to allow for maximum extracts to be achieved. The grist is gently transported with a second AR elevator to a grist case manufactured by us in galvanised steel plate, with an integrated sacking device.

After commissioning Mr Maufe commented, “...already our brewers tell me they’re getting 20% better yields. Indeed one of them who used their usual 2.5 bags for a brew found his fermenting vat over-flowing.”

It is fair to say that this was another highly successful project from Alan Ruddock Engineering Ltd.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project then you might care to read this article featured in the Farmers Weekly: Click Here

Brant Hill Farm, Norfolk, UK -



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