Project : Brampton Brewery

Brampton Brewery contracted Alan Ruddock Engineering to manufacture and install a precision malt mill at their brewery in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. With a system already in place whereby pre-crushed sacked malt was tipped into a hopper and then transported by auger to the mash tun, Chris Radford, MD & Head Brewer, decided the time had come to mill the malt themselves. This lead to Chris contacting Alan Ruddock Engineering to discuss milling solutions.

A couple of unusual aspects in the requirement for this project were that the mill had to be portable, so that it could be used and then moved out of the way, and that the mill had to couple up to the auger they already had in place.  As we manufacture everything in house and to customers specifications this was not a problem. We manufactured a bespoke frame to which we fitted heavy duty castors enabling the mill to be easily moved by one person.

On site we manufactured a small bespoke sub-hopper that is detachable from the auger.  The mill used for this installation was the AR 2000/300/2, which has sufficient milling capacity to allow the brewery to mash in, in 12 minutes. We know that for many breweries space is at a premium but as you can see from this project we can still provide milling solutions. 

If you are interested in installing a precision malt mill at your brewery, then please do not hesitate to contact us. There are no consultation fees, we will visit your site for free anywhere in the UK and you are under no obligation to purchase our equipment. Just give us a call.

Brampton Brewery, Derbyshire, UK -


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